“Of all the poems which have hitherto appeared in the world, in whatever age or nation, the preference has generally been given by impartial judges to Milton’s Paradise Lost. But this inimitable work amidst all its beauties is unintelligible to [an] abundance of readers.” –John Wesley (1763)

Paradise Lost: Parallel Prose Edition

Paradise Lost: Parallel Prose Edition
Dennis Danielson
ISBN-13: 978-1-57383-426-1
6 x 9 / 560pp. / $24.95USD
November 1, 2008


Paradise Lost has long been hailed as one of the most compelling stories of all time. Its cosmic canvas—heaven, hell, chaos, and the Garden of Eden—has enthralled thousands of readers for more than three centuries. For others, however, it has remained an unopened treasure because of the perceived difficulty of its archaic vocabulary and poetic structure.

Dennis Danielson’s new edition of Milton’s great epic offers a vibrant, authoritative rendition in modern prose alongside the original text of Milton’s story of heroism, pathos, beauty, and grace, making accessible for the first time a work that continues to be acclaimed as “possibly the most profound meditation on good and evil ever written” (Toronto Globe & Mail, 2000).

DENNIS DANIELSON (PhD, Stanford University) is Professor of English at the University of British Columbia and a life member of the Milton Society of America. In addition to having published numerous book chapters and journal articles on Milton, he is editor of The Cambridge Companion to Milton and author of Milton’s Good God: A Study in Literary Theodicy. He is also editor of The Book of the Cosmos: Imagining the Universe from Heraclitus to Hawking and author of The First Copernican: Georg Joachim Rheticus and the Rise of the Copernican Revolution.